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Many persons who leave the religion face multiple challenges. Some deal with substantial financial difficulties, after living their entire lives within a supportive community.
“Omer - Loan Fund for the ex-Orthodox” is a Non Profit Organization based in Israel. Omer has set as its goal the support of people who have left the religion, by providing zero-interest loans. The loan repayment can be distributed over a period of a year and a half (or even longer). This way Omer eases  their integration into the general society, and assists them in dealing with the economic difficulties accompanying the process of leaving the religion, especially during the initial stages.
All of Omer's members are volunteers, and are all ex-Orthodox themselves, having gone through the abovementioned hurdles one way or another.
Since its foundation in 2007, Omer has aided dozens of individuals, by providing loans with a total sum in the five digits.
Omer currently operates through donations. In order to respond to demand, we are presently raising additional funds. Every dollar donated gives support to multiple individuals. This is due to the loans’ excellent repayment rate, thus allowing the funds to be utilized again and again.